Annual Report 2015

Dear members and supporters:


I am writing to you as we continue to witness this historical crisis that the Syrian people have been going through for the last five years. Syrian people are still paying the heavy price for demanding their freedom and democratic aspiration. Syrian Expatriates Organization is committed to its vision of” developing a free, democratic and prosperous Syria through short term relief, assistance and long term capacity building projects”.


In the last year we have focused our work to respond to the evolving situation inside Syria. After our annual meeting on 2015 and in consultation with our membership, we decide to focus more on helping to build the capacity of the local civil councils and relief organization inside Syria; so we started a strategic partnership with two local organization to evaluate the needs of these local entities and provide the necessary capacity building training.


Also we did enter into a contract with ” Halab Today TV ” to do a series of documentaries about these local councils which shed the light on the work of these group of heroes and the challenges they face.


This is beside other different projects that we carried on from the previous years. We are supporting the Kelley high school in Idlibprovince for the third year in the row. We are supporting MrHallaq “Saleb and Mojeb ” program, and our Tele ICU project is providing daily medical rounds to the local hospitals.

You will find more details about all these projects and many others inside this annual report.


Finally, Syrian Expatriates Organization family is committed to its mission and members and we will do everything in our capacity to support our people. We look forward for your continuous and generous support.


Dr. MazenHasan


Syrian Expatriates Organization


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