Annual Report 2016

Dears members and supporters;

I would like to thank you for your great continued support for our organization in the last year. We are committed more than ever to support our people for a better future during these tough times. During the last year, we continued to focus on building the capacities of our civil society and local organizations. Through partnership with two local organizations, Marifa and Afaq, we were able to conduct a thorough survey of more than 700 activists and local leaders for the needs to build the organizational capacities. Building on that, we could develop curriculums in three areas where we felt the needs were the most. At the same time, 3 training courses were offered to more than 200 activists selected from our targeted audience. These courses were mentored by experts in the field. We feel this capacity building training will have significant impact on their ability to run their daily work. You will find more details about our activities last year in this brief annual report.

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I would like to thank you again and kindly ask you for more support.


Dr. Mazen Hasan


Syrian Expatriates Organization