There are 3.3 million Syrian students who are out of school and can’t continue their education. There are also millions of Syrian students-who are desperately trying to continue their education, but they have been targeted by aerial attacks even while taking final exams.
Here are 5 easy steps we can do together right now to help:
1. Sign the petition to ask universities to provide scholarships for Syrian refugee students: www.books-not-bombs.com
2. Share on Facebook and Twitter.
The more of us there are, the stronger our movement will be. Share this link:www.books-not-bombs.com and use the hashtag #BooksNotBombs.
3. Convince your friends and family to sign the petition and join the campaign.
4. Print these handouts and post them anywhere you can.
Try printing and posting 30 of them in as many places as you can. Get creative! Post them on bulletin boards, in coffee shops and public libraries.
5. Donate $20 to our Syrian refugee scholarship fund.
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Thank you for standing with the next generation of Syrian doctors, engineers, lawyers, and scholars. Thank you for supporting their education and an end to attacks against their schools.
Thank you,
Students Organize for Syria
The Syria Campaign
Karam Foundation
Syrian Expatriates Organization
Syrian Community Network
Syria Relief & Development
Syrian Forum USA