Supportive Program


“Our Local Councils” TV Program Project

SEO is sponsoring “Our Local Councils,” a weekly TV program produced by “Halab Today TV”. The program takes a critical approach to the performance of Local Councils.

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This is essential because it will promote democratic values within the Local Council and strengthen its development and legitimacy.

You can find valuable information about Local Councils’ activities and the challenges they face in every part of the program episodes. Click here to see the full list.


“Negative & Positive” Project

Mr. Hallk, with his distinctive Syrian style, shines the light on humanitarian cases in Syria. He inspires Syrians struggling for a better life by showing them how “Mojeb”(the Positive) was born out of “Saleb”(the Negative) so that they feel inspired to continue pursuing better life with dignity.

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“Saleb Mojeb” is a series of social media videos produced by Mr. Tawfeek Al Hallak. The program is being funded by SEO’s members for a second year.

Click here to see the whole list.