Humanitarian Committee

Syrian students have been caught in the crossfire over the past four years of war, with nearly three quarters of Syrian children are out of school.

SEO’s project selection criteria ensure projects not only provide short-term humanitarian relief, but also longer-term investments in human capital to empower Syrians towards self-reliance. These principles guide SEO’s focus, investing in education initiatives inside Syria. Schooling has added advantages beyond educating youth by creating employment opportunities, enhancing community stability and overall household welfare, and providing a secure environment for children.


University Scholarship Program

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SEO is a co-sponsor for the Women For Humanity Scholarship Program for secondary education based in Amman, Jordan. Women For Humanity granted and currently administers academic scholarships for eleven promising Syrian students in Jordan. The students are awarded scholarships based on their academic merit and financial need, and are pursuing degrees in areas such as medicine, engineering, and education.


Beit Naiem School

SEO also sponsored Beit Naiem School, located in a small town in Eastern Ghouta. Operating for three years under Siege, SEO was able to support the dedicated staff of 20 teachers to provide salaries so they could rebuild the needed infrastructure and sustain operations. The school was able to support 500 primary and mid-level students, providing them with security, stability, and continued education amidst desperate conditions.


Don’t Leave Syrians Hungry



SEO took part in a ‘One Million Meals’ Ramadan Campaign annually along with Mercy Without Limits to provide families with food baskets throughout Syria, including besieged areas such as Ghouta, and Idlib.


Don’t Leave Syrians Cold

This project was directed to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people, by providing basic needs to cope with the cold environmental conditions of winter. SEO worked with local city councils, aid groups, and activist networks on the ground inside Syria to identify and provide for the families most desperately in need. Many areas served are subject to ongoing regime siege and assault, making them near-impossible to access for international humanitarian organizations. More than $350,000 was raised for winter relief supplies to thousands of families inside Syria. We were able to provide in 16 focus areas. SEO would like to thank all the generous donors that helped keep Syrians warm.


Sponsor an Orphan

SEO_HC_Orphan Project

SEO partnered with the Syrian Orphans organization in a mission to provide a one year support for orphans during a one month campaign.

The crisis has left thousands of children without parents, food, healthcare, and open to all kinds of exploitation. With a database of more than 8000 children, this mission helped ease the pain of Syrian children one at a time.

With your generous contributions, over 100 children were sponsored for a full one-year of support.


Jordan Summer School


The Jordan Summer School aimed to support Syrian students that have had prolonged absence from school through an intensive summer course. The school equips students with the knowledge necessary to enroll in Jordanian schools by bringing them on par with Jordan educational requirements, as well as providing them with psychological support.