Medical Committee

Throughout Syria medical conditions are deteriorating, with limited healthcare resources, overcrowded living conditions and poor sanitation and nutrition. Added to the casualties from civil conflict, medical support to the country is in dire need.


Prosthetics Center

SEO’s Prosthetics center in the Western Ghouta region of Syria provide prosthetics for the unfortunates who lost a limb during the civil conflict.

Being the only center, which provides such service in the area, a huge need is covered decreasing the need to go out of the country to seek such service. With supporting their work, our donors’ contribution provided some Syrians with the ability to walk or engage again, making this contribution a donation that will last a lifetime.


Primary Care Clinics


With your generous contributions, SEO supported primary care clinics in areas under siege. The clinics provide primary care services, as well internal medicine, pediatrics and other sub-specialties. With an average of 20 to 30 visits to each clinic daily, SEO helps deliver medical care for thousands of Syrians. Your contributions not only provided medical care, but also infrastructure support, medicine, salaries for physicians and staff, and medical equipment.


Medical Warehouse Project

SEO’s Medical Warehouse Project provided a secure and steady supply of lifesaving medications and first-aid equipment to medical personnel across southern Syria. Our medical team was in direct contact with local medical committees in the regions of Damascus, Damascus suburbs, Daraa, and Quneitra. Working in collaboration with the Union of Syrian Medical Relief Organizations  and  other  Syrian  medical  relief  organizations,  we  provided  medicine  and equipment directly from established medical warehouses in Damascus and Daraa to various medical points, ensuring that supplies are kept safe and easily accessible for doctors.


Medical Staff Sponsorship

SEO, together with the Union of Syrian Medical Relief Organizations (UOSSM) developed a program to help support the medical staff who are dedicating their full time risking their life to save civilians inside Syria. We supported medical staff so they can do their work and provide for their families. We provided nurses, technicians, surgeons and others with a monthly contribution depending on their specialization.